Full Page Image (now you have a spankin’ website…that only took 1 image and 18 seconds.) Proof of concept below:

  1. pdag.io/lol/1.html
  2. pdag.io/lol/2.html
  3. pdag.io/lol/3.html
  4. pdag.io/lol/4.html


Accordian (Great for Product Description Teasers and more)

Responsive Tables (Great for dynamically updated content, HTML)

Modal Image

Verticle Tabs (Product Tour example/applicable)

Pagination (!)

Simple To-Do List

Animated Buttons

Pop-ups AND Tooltips (Great way to guide customers to do things)

File Copy (PHP)

Parallax Scrolling (Great for a long, one page form.) In addition with “Center Website”

ALERTS (CLEAN AND IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS, Effective communication to visitor)

Clean Syntactic Sugar, Back to Basics Website

Image Overlay (yeah, screw paying for WordPress price gouging plugin, JK, this is on a WP site)

Image Blur/Grayscale/Coloring (CSS) (who needs photoshop?!)


Back/Forward Navigation

Height Equilibration

Hide & Show (element) / class

Table Sort (Javascript)

Thumbnail Preview (great for reviewing uploaded image and email inclusions)

Coming Soon Landing Page

Image processing … e.g. gold mine of amazing modules.

CSS Switch


Cards ’nuff said


John Doe

Architect & Engineer

Clean Pricing Table

  • Basic
  • $ 9.99 / year
  • 10GB Storage
  • 10 Emails
  • 10 Domains
  • 1GB Bandwidth
  • Sign Up

Responsive Modal Login Form (Awesome)

Basic Contact Form (PHP)

Personal Card (Great for personal website)

global $wp_query; //class


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