“Find My AirPods” Will Find You

I’ve always wondered how Apple was able to have my iPhone display the Apple Store app on my lock screen right as I walked past the brick-and-mortar. Most of the times, I wouldn’t even think about heading in to browse, but the folks over at Apple definitely do know how to convince with iBeacon.

“Find My AirPods” presents a nice feature for consumers with vagabond AirPods, but for Apple it may be a godsend of analytical data. With all the resources Apple has been funneling into AI/ML, “iCloud Analytics” engine looks to be tweaking its internals to perfect micro-geolocation for you.

Take Amazon Go for example, which has its first “autonomous brick-and-mortar store,” made possible with micro-geolocation and their machine learning algorithms. The star of the show is bluetooth, which iBeacon derives its set of capabilities from.

Just to refresh your spatial awareness for radio frequency signals, bluetooth is for personal area, Wi-Fi for infrastructure, and GPRS for long range data communications. With bluetooth representing the personal space, it makes the most sense to merge the technology as close to the individual as functionality sees fit.

Apple has been pretty crafty at being able to collect your data and feed it back to you to let you know you “parked your car in lot A.” It goes to show how much effort has been put into developing a golden standard of sorts for digital identification even before Touch ID.

Given recent acquisitions, it’s no doubt that Apple has been utilizing machine learning to further personalize iCloud accounts so that your writing style from one iPad Pro is ready to go on the next “revolutionary” iDevice (along with your credit cards, finger prints, calendar, heart rate,  daily commutes, and your brain). Oh yeah, I almost forgot Siri. She’s for another day.

With the iCloud authorization/authentication capabilities (thanks to the M0+/W1 SoCs), Apple not only has another wearable but another identification vehicle. I wonder when Apple will start gaining market share in traffic engineering once their vehicle-to-vehicle communication solution comes out.


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